Plans of Leaf Space to Upscale its Ground Stations

Conceptual Image of Ground Station

Leaf Space, a new Italian Space company which provides ground station solutions for small satellite constellations envisages to increase its ground station locations from four to twelve around the globe. The current stations are located in Italy, Spain, Ireland and Lithuania. It seeks funding for opening the remaining eight and is undertaking a campaign to raise capital; approximately U.S $3 million is said to already have been raised. This amount includes funds from Horizon 2020 Fund, operated by the European Commission. The target is much more than the amount currently collected.

Astrocast of Switzerland and Fleet of Australia are the largest customers of Leaf Space, though both are yet to complete their 64 and 100 satellite constellations respectively.

Giovanni  Pandolfi, Leaf Space’s chief technology officer, told Space News  “What we are doing right now is trying to scale up all the infrastructure in a faster way because we have customer demand, more than what we thought. We need to get there much faster than we originally planned. That is why we will open another round in the coming months.”

He further added, “The kind of customer requests that we have really needs us to put more investment to use to deliver more stations and to develop new things. That’s why we decided to open in the coming months this round to scale up much faster.”

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