Optus Satellite Awards Hughes Jupiter System to Offer NextGen Satellite Services in Australia


Australia’s leading telecom & satellite operator Optus awarded Hughes Network Systems’ Jupiter System to provide services to its customers. Under this multi-year master service agreement, Optus Satellite will purchase Jupiter System equipment to extend its 3G and 4G services, with 5G enabled, throughout Australia & New Zealand. Services such as provide mobility services for maritime, satellite news gathering and enterprise services.

In a press release Nick Leake, head of satellite networks, Optus said “We selected the Jupiter System as our ‘platform of the future,’ because it gives us the reach and scale that we need to bring advanced services to customers everywhere, cost-effectively and with optimal network performance. To serve as many Australians as possible, satellite forms an essential link in our network – whether for consumer or business applications — and the Jupiter System will help us deliver the reach and scale we need to support our customers.”

Ramesh Ramaswamy, senior vice president and general manager, International Division, Hughes said “Whether across Australia or across the Americas, the network must reach everywhere for people and businesses to reap the social and economic benefits of being connected — and satellite is the ideal way to extend those networks. With the Jupiter System, Optus can offer services in areas that are impossible — or prohibitively expensive — to reach using traditional terrestrial means, such as fiber, cable or microwave.

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