French Satellite Contractor Thales to Construct 150Gbps Satellite for Indonesia

Communications and Information Minister Rudiantara gives a keynote speech in Jakarta on Nov.13, 2018. JP/Donny Fernando (The Jakarta Post/Donny Fernando)

Pasifik Satelit Nusantara (PSN) of Indonesia has engaged Thales Alenia Space, a Franco-Italian aerospace manufacturer to build “Satria” – a 150 Gbps satellite. PSN runs the Satria Project on behalf of the Communications and Information Ministry. The cost of the project is undisclosed, however it is a part of the ministry’s US$1.5 billion (IDR 21.4 trillion) budget which includes building, launching and operational costs of Satria for 15 years.

Reflecting his honor on being selected for the project, Jean Loic Galle, CEO of Thales stated, “We are particularly honored to provide to PSN for the ministry’s first VHTS [very high throughput satellite] telecommunication satellite, which will be the most powerful one over the Asian region.”

Satria is scheduled to be completed and launched in 2022, after which it will provide internet connectivity to 149,000 public buildings in the country located outside the island of Java, 87% of which are to be schools, clinics and government offices. The satellite is expected to show a boost in internet penetration which is going to surpass the 64.6% recorded last year by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association.

Along with building of the satellite, Thales will also be constructing two control centers and training PSN engineers to operate the satellite.

PSN and the ministry are said to have collaborated on the Satria project with the goal “to provide communities with equal access [to the internet],” as stated by President Director PSN Adi Rahman Adiwoso.

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